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52nd Episode

18 cast and crew members are at the studio for the 52nd episode. Enjoy all the different stories. Are you wondering what Patricia or Robert are doing?Catch up with all the characters that you've missed. Special scenes in this episode! Keep up to date with all the characters. Thank you for your support!

50th Episode

Sylvia finds young James wandering around the centre and she thinks something is wrong but James does not want to talk about it.

Fiona is looking for Dominique, but she also thinks there is something going on and James is trying to avoid telling the truth. He then reveals that his sister, Miss Maya is having an argument with their mother and she does not at home anymore.

Dominique is trying to organise an event at the centre when Fiona approach him to talk about her Father Winston. Fiona is trying to repair her relationship with her father and Dom invites her to come along and help with the activities organised to celebrate National Black People's Day of Action.

49th Episode

Percy Marshall who is a local politician is organising a meeting with some of his supporters. He is talking to Dorothy, Sylvia and George Armitage and wants to arrange a booking for his meeting.

Fiona visits Michelle, Winston's girlfriend and questions whether she is the right woman for her father. Then she meets young James at the centre and asks him about the manhood project and how he's benefitted from that.

Finally Michelle visits Dorothy and discuss about Winston and his efforts to make a positive contribution to the community.

48th Episode

Sharon Peters, George Armitage, Ranjit, Sylvia, Father Clifford, Arthur Henry and Percy Marshal are having a meeting at the centre and they are discussing how they can help young people and gang members in the rehabilitation process but the lack of funds seems to be a problem.

Fiona meets Tanika before her meeting with Miss Maya and they have a disagreement about the way that young women dress and wear their hair. After that Fiona goes to the meeting alone and is having a conversation with Miss Maya about the opinions that Tanika expressed. Many listeners express their views about that, what do you think?

Miss Maya is trying to help her brother, young James have a positive role model and support him in the process of growing to manhood.

George Armitage suggests that wheelchair access is a priority for the centre but Barrington and Arthur mention the absence of funds and are thinking whether a fundraising event could be the solution. What do you think? How can they find money to fund more projects?

Colin is still questioning Winston's commitment to help develop the centre.

Winston is trying to spend some time with Michelle but Dom is calling him. Michelle insists on having the night to themselves and not pick up the phone. 

47th Episode

While George Armitage waits at the coffee shop for his daughter Jane, Anastasia is trying to find out if he is single. Would Bridie be a good match for George?

Winston tries to organise an activity for the young people but finds out that Percy Marshall have booked the centre for a meeting. Marshall did not support the centre in the past but the profit from bookings is important for the centre's survival. Winston wants to deny Marshall access to the centre. What would you do?

Fiona is having a disagreement with her father Winston. Her father and grandparents are disappointed at her and the way she behaved. What do you think?

In the last scene you can hear Fiona sharing her thoughts and plans about her future.

46th Episode

Michelle, Father Clifford, Sylvia, Ranjit and George a new member, are discussing what they can do to save money but still provide services to the community.

Dom meets James at the centre and asks him about his mother and her recovery after the incident that happened last week.

Fiona is having a meeting at the centre but she is running late so Tanika takes her place. Tanika meets a woman that represents a not for profit organisation and is interested in organising sisterhood activities for the community. 

45th Episode

Another event for the community is organised by Winston and Dom, but Winston is running late. Dom is giving him a call to wake him up. Will he manage to be at the centre on time?

Sylvia and Dorothy are having a discussion at the Henrys' house when Patricia brings Martha home with her. Martha seems to be a victim of domestic violence as she is beaten up and seeks help. What should she do?

While Dom and Winston are discussing about the event at the community centre, the doorbell rings and it's James, a young boy who lives in the neighbourhood. He asks for their help as his mother has fainted in their house. Can they handle the situation themselves or should they call an ambulance?

44th Episode

Sylvia, Ranjit and Dorothy are discussing about Martha's request in the absence of Carl the centre manager. Michelle Sophie's mum is chatting with James one of the Shopie's friends and finds out that her daughter was sick at school and nobody informed her. What should she do? Michelle shares her concerns with Winston. Winston is chatting with Dorothy and explains why he was absent last week. Dom and Winston are discussing why he could not make it to the centre last week to help with the children's activities. How should Winston react in similar situations in the future?

43rd Episode 

PC Armitage and Sylvia are talking about the neighbourhood panel and whether Sylvia should be a member. Patricia is worried about her son Eddie and is discussing with James, one of Eddie's friends to find out what's going on. Dorothy is encouraging Patricia to find a partner to support her. What do you think? Martha wants to be compensated for her hard work. How should she proceed? Bridie meets Dom at the cafe. Dom feels disappointed and is talking to Winston to find out why he did not come last week at the centre for the children's activities.

42nd Episode

PC Jane Armitage meets Dorothy to discuss about the neighbourhood committee that she is trying to organise. Bridie and Sylvia wonder whether their opinion will be taken into account. Who should join this panel?

Two young children are at the centre to take part in the activities organised by Winston, but Winston is absent. Dom is at the centre and he tries to apologise to the children that are disappointed. Is Winston unreliable?

41st Episode

2014- The year in review. Listen to Tony Cealy the creator and director reminding us what happened in previous episodes, the characters and their stories so far. Also the very first episode was repeated. Winston was at the studio to share his future plans about the centre with the listeners. 

40th Episode

Sylvia, Martha and Ranjit are discussing whether joining the neighbourhood panel, would allow them to make a difference in the community. What do you think?

Carl the centre manager is back! Martha is asking for a pay rise as a compensation for her hard work in his absence. How should Martha negotiate?

Michelle wants Winston to commit to their relationship after 10 years. Should she give him more time or has she waited long enough? Should she move on?

39th Episode

Sylvia is worried about the approach that PC Jane Armitage is following? What do you think? Should Sylvia join the neighbourhood panel and share her views?

Sanctuary and Tanika are discussing about the past and Sanctuary seems willing to leave his old life behind for Tanika. Can he really change and commit to his relationship with Tanika?

Finally Dominique is looking for Winston but since he is not around, he is having a conversation with Michelle. Is he just friendly or is he disrespectful to his friend's girlfriend? 

38th Episode

Police Officer Jane Armitage is late for her meeting with Ranjit at 492 Korna Klub community centre. Sylvia and Bridie are also at the community centre. Sylvia seems concerned about her policing approach. What do you think?

Dom and Winston are trying to convince Sanctuary to help them get more young people involved with the activities at the community centre. Will he commit and become a positive role model?

Winston is asking for Colin's support, but Colin questions his commitment. Is Winston in it for the long haul? Should Colin help him despite his concerns?

37th Episode

Sharon Peters the Council Liaison Officer holds a meeting with Ranjit one of the trustees to evaluate the summer programme and discuss about the activities organised for the young people. Ranjit is willing to replace Carl the centre manager, although he seems concerned about this new role.

Anastasia reveals her secret to father Clifford. What would you advice her to do? Should she act on her desire to meet Jessica?

Finally Winston and Dominique are creating a plan on how to engage the community and have more activities for the young people. Can Winston run the community centre? Should Sanctuary be involved?

36th Episode

Shirley, Barrington, Martha, Ranjit and Dorothy are having a meeting to discuss about the summer activities organised for the young people. Who is responsible for the lack of summer activities? Sharon Peters the Council Liaison Officer is also taking part in the meeting and seems concerned about the summer programme that was funded by the community engagement grant. How will the Henrys deal with potential budget cuts?

Dominique, Winston's best friend is talking to Dorothy and Colin about Winston's ideas on how to improve the activities and events for the young people. Will Dorothy trust him and support him?

Finally Althea and Sanctuary are having an intense conversation. Althea has doubts about where their relationship stands. Will Sanctuary take responsibility for his actions? Will he take a DNA test?

35th Episode

Young Sophie is discussing with auntie Sylvia about her health problems. Her mother is very worried and Sophie wants to hide things from her, so that not to stress her out. Should she do that? Then Sylvia is having a chat with Father Clifford about her staying in the UK and Christmas celebrations. Are Xmas celebrations just for children? Finally Sanctuary visits Tanika and asks if he can borrow money from her. What does Sanctuary need money for? Should she give him the money? Tanika also tries to find out if Sanctuary has feelings for her.

34th Episode

World Food Cafe. Bridie is discussing performing a post libation for the World Food Café, can and should this be done? Or should the libation been performed on the launch day last week? Winston shares his future plans about the centre with his aunt Sylvia. Are the activities around Black History Month good enough? Is too much diversity undermining the spirit of the community? And Sanctuary meets Anastasia and proposes a business deal to her. Is she able to suss him out or can Sanctuary develop a relationship with her? What’s your views on this?

33rd Episode

It's launch day for the World Food Cafe and Felicity and Bridie, the two partners seem to have a disagreement. The grand opening is combined with the celebrations of Black History Month and everyone is at 492 Korna Klub centre to show their support from Father Clifford, to Sylvia and Dorothy. The younger members of the community have prepared a special performance dedicated to Black History Month and Marcus Garvey.

32nd Episode

The Henrys are still concerned about the activities organised to celebrate Black History Month at 492 Korna Klub centre. Winston takes the initiative to go to the centre and deal with this situation. What would you advice him to do? In the second scene Bridie, Anastasia and Felicity are discussing what kind of food should be served at the World Food Cafe during Black History Month? Should they offer only African food or include food from other cultures to attract more customers? Is Black History Month, black enough for you?

31st Episode

Michelle who is the Council Officer has a meeting with the Henrys to inform them about the activities organised to celebrate Black History Month at the centre. The events this year are a bit different, are the Henrys going to agree with these different activities? Later Winston and Michelle are having a conversation about their daughter and Winston is expressing his concerns as he does not know the parents who have invited Sophie to play with their child. Is 'Better safe than sorry' a good approach or should Sophie socialise with other children as an only child? Finally Winston, Dorothy, Sylvia and Arthur are discussing about the Council's decision to make this year's Black History Month wider. What do you think? Are you concerned as well?

30th Episode

Winston & Dorothy are back! Winston is discussing commitment issues with his partner Michelle, will they be able to stay together for the future? Winston's mother Dorothy confronts him to sort out his life. Do you identify and relate with Winstons issues as a father and a son? Listen in and let us know what you think Winston should do.

29th Episode

Last week Sylvia revealed her problem to Colin. Arthur and Sylvia are discussing what is the best solution for her. Should she ask for an extension or sort out her citizenship papers to stay longer in the UK? Barrington is worried about his future especially after the Henrys are gone and not in charge of the community centre. What should he do? Finally Fiona 's mother pay a visit to the Henrys' house looking for Winston. Sophie 's mother is also looking for him. Where is Winston? Has he abandoned his children and left their mothers behind? Share your views with us.

28th Episode

Bridie and her granddaughter Anastasia, who has been employed as a waitress are cleaning out the kitchen. Staff confront Bridie with a contract of hire. Will their café business survive with additional costs? Where and how can they find extra money? Arthur and Barrington catch up with Sanctuary and confront him about the trail of destruction he leaves behind when hanging around the community centre. Can they sway him to do good? Can their approach make an impact? Will sanctuary be reasonable? Tune in to find out and to give us your views and opinions.

27th Episode

We get to meet Anastasia, Bridie's granddaughter, she talks with Michelle, Winston's girlfriend while waiting for her grandmother. They discuss issues around sickle cell, employment, education, training and confidence to meet the outside world.

In the second scene Bridie and Felicity are making plans to launch their business in the kitchen of Korna Klub. Felicity reveals some secrets from the past. Will Bridie forgive her? Tune in to give us your advice so that solutions can help them both to move on. Join the community and share your thoughts on the latest storylines and find out what our listeners are talking about.

26th Episode

Bridie and Felicity have a meeting with two representatives from the local council to discuss potential locations for their World Food Cafe. Percy Marshal a local activist is also taking part in that meeting. The two partners seem to have different aspirations for their business. How can local businesses help local regeneration? Listen to find out what happened and if they managed to find a viable solution. Have you dealt with the council yourself? Share your views with us, your opinion matters. 

25th Episode

Bridie Robertson and her business partner Felicity Campbell-Bell are planning to open a global cafe at the community centre. In a meeting with the local council problems arise that could jeopardise their plans. How will this resolve? Are local businesses important for the regeneration of the local community? How should business owners deal with the council to be successful? How does local councils support small businesses to flourish and prosper? How does regeneration and develeopment affect local people, who benefits from it? How do councils use it's inflence and power to get the best deal(s) for local people so everyone gets a fair chance of starting a business? Can you give advice to our characters?

24th Episode

In this episode Althea the young mother of baby Shaq is having a discussion with Sanctuary. He offers to help her find a job, but what is he going to ask in exchange for his help? Is Sanctuary trying to take advantage of Althea? What should she do?

23rd Episode

In this episode young children are gathered to 492 Korna Klub community centre. In absence of the staff, they discuss about the carnival, issues they are dealing with and decisions that affect them. It's been three weeks of no youth provision, the young people discuss ways to tackle this problem. Issues of bullying, friendship, loyality, growth and future role models are discussed. To what extent should children be able to choose what secondary schools they would like to go to? Will they go off as friends to the Anncessington town street carnival this weekend?

22nd Episode

This is a special episode with young children. The children went to the community centre but no one was there to guide them and supervise them. The children started talking about one of their friends that met a boy on line and arranged a meeting with him. How can we make sure that young children are safe on line and they are not in danger? After that Tanika and Arthur Henry go to the centre to find only one employee Martha there trying to catch up with the paper work. They are not happy as they realise that the children are left unsupervised and the proposals for the new activities are not ready yet. Should the management take responsibility for those problems?

21st Episode

Patricia is going to 492 Korna Klub community centre to pick up some documents and she finds Martha working late. Patricia is upset as she finds out that there are not activities available for the young people and everyone else has gone home. While discussing with Martha about that, she suspects that Martha is a victim of domestic violence and she is trying to hide it. Patricia and a few callers attempted to help Martha by giving her advice about what she should do to regain her self confidence and stand up to her husband. What is your advice?

20th Episode

Tanika is back and she is trying to catch up with the latest news in Ancesstington. She meets Robert in the house and learns about her younger brother being in trouble at school and getting involved with the local gang. Robert is still confused and indecisive. Should he support his girlfriend or his mother? After sharing his dilemma with Tanika he sneaks out of the house and finally Uncle Colin arrives and and welcomes Tanika with more news that upsets her.

19th Episode

In this week's episode Arthur Henry is having a conversation with Althea the mother of the baby and Eleesha the grandmother in an effort to find a solution and allow both women to have a relationship with baby Shaq. Despite Arthur's efforts the two women are having a fight. Later Robert the father of the baby is discussing with Fiona about his dilemma. Is he going to support to Althea or his mother? Will the two women find a solution so that to allow the baby to have a relation with his grandmother as well? 

18th Episode

Sylvia Dorothy's sister who has recently come to the UK from Jamaica informs Arthur about the situation with his brother and the house that he owns back home. It appears that although Clive, Arthur's brother is supposed to take care of the house and pay the bills with the money Arthur sends him, he has rented the house and he collects the money without Arthur's permission. Arthur was not aware of what is going on and Colin tries to explain the situation from a legal point of view. Should Arthur try to resolve the problem peacefully by discussing it with his brother or should he take Colin's advice and hire an attorney?

17th Episode 

In continuation to the previous episode, Sylvia informs Arthur of the disagreement and problems between Althea Robert's girlfriend and Eleesha Robert's mother and grandmother of Shaquille. Althea does not want Eleesha to get involved with the baby. How should Arthur handle things? Should he call for a family meeting? Arthur is worried that he does not know what is going on in his own house. Does this affect his credibility in the community? Should Arthur man up and make some decisions to resolve the issues in his own house?

16th Episode 

This was the 1st live improvised episode of 492 Korna Klub interactive radio series! Our talented actors have improvised all the scenes, Tony Cealy was the director and Richmond Trew was the producer and saxophonist! Althea meets Robert's mother Eleesha in a nursery and despite Eleesha's desire to help Althea and Robert with the baby, Althea does not trust her. Should Althea allow Eleesha to get more involved? Althea accuses Eleesha of having many men coming in and out of her house, should she trust her with her baby? Eleesha is think of a way to spend more time with the baby!

Tony Cealy interviewed by Sistar Kenyasue

Sistar Kenyasue invited Tony Cealy Creator/Director at One Harmony Radio for another interesting interview. In the beginning you will hear Tony explain the philosophy behind this project and then Tony is talking more about the first improvised episode to be aired on the 27th and fundraising event taking place at South Kilburn studios this Friday the 27th of June!

15th Episode

Robert and Sanctuary are planning to break in 492 Korna Klub Community Centre to steal the weapons stored there. Is Robert going to get further involved with the local gang or is he going to choose his family? Althea meets Sanctuary and talk about their secret relationship which started while Robert was in prison. What is she going to do? How can we protect young people from bullying and peer pressure? How can we inspire them to learn more about our culture and preserve it? Tell us what you think!

14th Episode

In the 14th Episode Winston's ex girlfriends are gathered to help him with the event that he 's organising to collect money for Sophie's treatment, but he is not there! How are the women who are not in good terms going to cooperate with each other to help him? Father Clifford meet Sylvia Dorothy's sister and Raymond before the Domino tournament! They discuss about how to bring more young people at the community centre, but will the Henrys agree with their plans?

13th Episode

This episode was dedicated to our parents day. Robert has an intensive discussion with his mother and asks why she has not visited him while in prison. Raymond has an intimate conversation with Father Clifford about his life before the divorce. Listeners shared their experiences and views with us. We invite anyone who wants to contribute, support the community and lead the way to contact us or Galaxy so that we can act on those thoughts.

12th Episode

Athea has a disagreement with Robert's mother and talks to Sylvia, Dorothy's sister about her relationship with Robert and his mother. Is Robert going to be stigmatised after getting out of jail? Will he be able to to travel abroad? Or is one mistake going to affect his future life? Let us know what you think!

11th Episode

In this episode Patricia shares her concerns about Eddy with his father, her ex-husband Franklin. Eddy sneaks out of the house and Patricia has lost her connection to him. How should the parents cooperate to protect their child? Will the rest of the family support Eddy and advice him so that to avoid troubles? Share your views with us!

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10th Episode

This episode was about Eddy the young teenager that is getting in a lot of trouble lately. He has forged his mother's signature and his family is suspicious about him getting involved with the local gang. How the school teacher react? Will his mother and father manage to work together for their son's benefit despite their bad relationship and the divorce? Have your say about this issue that concerns the younger generation.

9th Episode

Robert returns home feeling happy and confused! What will happen with Althea and the baby? Will they stay together? How is Robert's relation with Eddy? Will Eddy go and live with his father? How will Patricia, his mother try to approach him and strengthen their relationship? Winston and Patricia were live at the studio to defend their choices in life. Leave us a message and let us know what you think!

8th Episode

Big gathering at the studio for the 8th episode! This episode started with a family dinner, the rivalry between the two brothers Colin and Winston and the return of Robert back home! Many members of our talented cast were live at the studio to hear your opinions! Fantastic atmosphere with everyone discussing about Robert, Winston and other issues that trouble the family and the community. What will happen when Robert comes back home? How will the family accept him?

K2K Presenter Gemma Dempsey interviews Tony Cealy Creator/ Director of 492 Korna Klub

Tony Cealy the creator and director of 492 Korna Klub interactive radio series was invited to K2K radio last week for a live interview with Gemma Dempsey. Missed it? Listen to this fantastic interview and get to know more about Tony, his background, what inspired him to create 492 Korna Klub series and his future plans! We want to thank K2K radio and everyone who works there, especially our talented sound engineer Hugh Longley for their support!

7th Episode

In this episode the younger generation of 492 Korna Klub community centre are proposing some activities to engage the youth and take their interests into account! Will the senior staff members support and implement those ideas? Also Dwayne and Sam are looking for "Sanctuary" Tanika's ex-boyfriend to get rid of the weapons found in the centre last week. Will they manage to resolve the situation? Will they trust Shirley and ask for her help?

6th Episode

Dwayne and Sam seem to be in trouble with Shirley after last week's incident! Can they trust Shirley and tell her the truth about the weapons found in the centre? Tanika discuss with Fiona about her taking a year off uni to travel and her ex-boyfriend Nathan "Sanctuary" who is a member of a gang! What is your opinion about her decision to leave at that critical point? Is her ex- boyfriend going to influence her decision? Let us know what you think about the dilemma that Dwayne and Sam face and Tanika's decision!

5th Episode

In this episode Mayor Walters of Ancesstington visits the community centre for an event but two members of the staff have misplaced the keys. In the meeting that takes place afterwards the team of 492 Korna Klub faces a dilemma with some weapons and knives found in the centre. Are they going to call the police? Or will they manage to resolve the issues internally? Listen and give us your point of view!

4th Episode

In the 4th episode of 492 Korna Klub, we are after new years day in early January and the problems continue to trouble the members of staff in the community centre while Arthur and Dorothy discuss about having some holiday time for themselves and the responsibilities that prevent them from organising this trip. Will they go to Jamaica at last? After the end of the episode Tony Cealy creator/ director and Richmond Trew producer discussed about the issues mentioned in this episode with callers.

3rd Episode

The staff of 492 Korna Klub community centre has a meeting to discuss the financial problems and potential cuts. Afterwards the debate is heated when members of the centre disagree with the local council officer. What will happen? Will they find a solution to fund all the activities or will they have to let someone from the staff go? Listen to the new episode as well as the live interaction afterwards with the listeners that called to share their views with Tony Cealy creator/ director, Richmond Trew producer and Judy Ferguson writer!

2nd Episode

Patricia, Winston and Colin are having a discussion about the future of 492 Korna Klub community centre while the trustees in the centre are having a meeting to decide who should they let go? What will happen? Will someone lose his or her job or will they find another solution? Listen to find out and leave a comment!

1st Episode

This is the first episode of 492 Korna Klub series!The financial issues at the centre is the topic of the discussion between the Henrys and Carl Proctor the centre manager. How will the activities for the young people be funded? Which member of the stuff is most likely to be fired? Will Dorothy agree to the trip back to Jamaica? Listen this episode to familiarise yourselves with the protagonists and find out what is happening!

Pre-launch Adverts

Here you can have a taste of what's coming up! Be the first to listen to the brand new radio adverts for Galaxy Radio 102,5 FM! Coming soon! 1st interactive radio drama series!

Pre-launch Adverts

Will the 492 Korna Klub overcome the problems? What do you think? Stay tuned! Engage! Interact!

Pre-launch Adverts

Will Arthur and Dorothy return to Jamaica and leave the 492 Korna Klub? Stay tuned! 

Pilot Episode

Here you can have a taste of what's coming up! Listen to the first pilot episode of the series recorded in front of a live audience and get to know the characters! The first scene introduces the Henrys and the 492 Korna Klub community centre where a staff meeting is taking place concerning the organisation of upcoming events. Will financial problems jeopardise the future of the centre? Next we are introduced to the personal life and internal conflicts of the family. Will worries about their family interfere with Arthur's and Dorothy's decision to move back to Jamaica?

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