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90th Episode

Aunty Sylvia finds Robert in bed Midday & takes him to task about his direction in life. Shirley informs Barrington about the forth coming events at the centre & makes her feelings clear about the extra work including the Kwanza celebrations . Barrington challenges Shirley about her 'carrying news'. Sanctuary pressures Robert to get involved in a Banking scam. Sanctuary meets Barrington at his Mums house & gives him an ultimatum. Shirley, Monique & James meet up & discuss Christmas & Kwanza.

89th Episode

The issues of the 'Missing' report are still unresolved as Shirley, Ranjit & Martha consider the implications!! Martha confronts Barrington regards his efforts during the Bomb Fire night activities & questions if his relationship with Monica is distracting him from his duties. Ranjit invites Martha out to dinner again & surprises her with the offer of an expensive 'Gift'. Martha is taken aback & questions Ranjit as to where he obtained the money for such an expensive item!!

88th Episode

Sylvia informs Shirley & Ranjit that Dorothy is soon to be on her way to Jamaica & her son Winston will be in charge! This throws up some issues for Shirley around inheritance & Legacy. Shirley challenges Ranjit about the issues of he 'Missing' Money!!. Ranjit finally meets up with Monique confronts her as to why she took the 'un-Finished' report to management

87th Episode

Winston decides he's now taking over at the Korna Klub and informs Monique that he's putting on an Kwanza event and needs funds. How will this be received? James confronts Winston and tell him he feels let down by him. He also informs Winston that he's now receiving support from Monique who also has a 'Talk' with him.Dorothy, Sylvia and Winston speak about Dotty's up-coming trip to Jamaica.

86th Episode

Bomb Fire night stretches the resources of the centre with Monique having concerns about the amount of help she has being as James is alone and Barrington is caught in the middle of a tug of was between Monique and Monica. Sanctuary meets Tanika where she resolves once and for all the issue of the 'incriminating Diary'. Tanika then challenges Sanctuary to give up 'Road Life'.

85th Episode

Ranjit is on the look out for Monique in order to find his unfinished report as Percy Marshal meets Monica for the 1st time and experiences a 'hard sell' Dorothy invites her sons to explain that she's soon to leave for Jamaica. Monica informs Barrington that they need to speak with her son Sanctuary about their relationship because he has expressed some reservations, Barrington is not too sure being as 'Violence' was mentioned.

84th Episode

Following from the last weeks episode Dorothy invites Eleesha and Wendy to dinner with the view to sorting out the issue of access to the Grandchildren. Dorothy also takes up the issue of the missing finances with Ranjit, Shirley and Martha. Dorothy also decides that this may be this ideal time for her to take a trip back to Jamaica. Ranjit wonders why Martha doesn't seem as keen as he is about their dating.

82nd episode

Silvia first encounters new Project Coordinator, Monique. Is Silvia impressed by her work ethic?

Monique feels unsettled to find young James wondering around the '492 Korna Klub' community centre's premises after youth activity hours, unaccompanied! Is she compelled to bend the rules on this occasion? After all, James has made arrangements to meet with Winston!

Dorothy checks up on Monique for updates at the office via phone call. Is Monique performing her work duties thoroughly? Does Dorothy doubt her capabilities?

Monica has a chance meeting in fleeting at a Jamaican takeaway/wholesalers' with elder son, Sanctuary. Is he happy to discover whose the new man in her life?

81th Episode

Martha, Sylvia and Ranjit are discussing how they can improve the support group for carers that George Armitage is running every week.

Ranjit reveals his feelings for Martha but she is married. What should she do? Will she agree to go out with him?

Michelle visits Aleesha and wants to have a chat with her about Winston and her decision to keep Sophia away from Winston. Is Michelle punishing Sophia for Winston's mistakes?

80th Episode

A new member just started working at the 492 Korna Klub centre and Monica will ask her to help with the cafe and food preparation.

Winston got a call from Social Services regarding James and his mother.

Dorothy and Father Clifford are having a discussion. Dorothy does not want to go back to Jamaica and she is concerned about her children and the community centre.

Michelle is still upset with Winston and his behaviour towards their daughter. Will Michelle decide to pursue legal action?

79th Episode

James and George Armitage are having a discussion and George is concerned that James is always alone. He finds out that he is a young carer. Will he be able to help him?

A new team member will join the 492 Korna Klub team to help Martha with all the activities.

Martha and Dorothy have a meeting with Monica to discuss her application and inform her about her contract.

Aleesha told Michelle that Winston is staying with Wendy and Winston is upset with her. Is she jealous?

Monica and Barrington are taking their relationship to the next level.

78th Episode

James interviews one of the younger children, Fay, as part of an assignment.

Immigration laws get in the way of Sylvia's plans to stay in the UK and give the cafe to the new woman who just arrived in Ancesstington. Will Colin be able to help both women?

Monica wants to have the talk with Barrington, but he feels uncomfortable.

Colin is having a discussion with his mother, Dorothy after he had a fight with his father and brother. Does Dorothy know her son is gay? How is she going to react?

Sanctuary approaches Tanika to find out if she has his diary. What's in the diary and why does Sanctuary want it back?

77th Episode

Winston and Sylvia, Dorothy's sister are discussing about Colin. Sylvia seeks legal advice but Winston does not want to help her find Colin. Will Winston explain what's going on?

Shirley and Barrington are having a disagreement at the centre.

Michelle confronts Wendy about her complex relationship with Winston. Is Wendy the reason why Winston broke up with Michelle?

Monica and Barrington discuss about her son Sanctuary and her family. Does Barrington know more about Sanctuary and his business?

Winston and Michelle are talking about Sophie's health problems. Is their separation affecting her health?

76th Episode

Ranjit and Shirley took a look at Monica's business plan for the cafe and they found that there are some important parts missing.

Ranjit is trying to make sure that all payments for room hire services are collected but he is dealing with unhappy clients.

Wendy and Winston are discussing what went wrong in their relationship when they were together, when young James calls Winston. Winston is trying to help James whose mother is still sick and he is left on his own.

Last week a woman visited 492 Korna Klub centre and was interested in taking over the cafe and opening a traditional Caribbean restaurant. This week she is back and Shirley explains all about the application process and health and safety rules.

75th Episode

Shirley and Percy Marshall have booked the same room for different meetings. Ranjit tries to find a solution but Percy Marshall is disappointed and is looking for Martha who is responsible for the bookings.

Monica meets the Henrys at the centre to discuss about her proposal to take over the cafe and turn it into a restaurant specialising in Caribbean cuisine.

Winston meets young James who is having a hard time taking care of his sick mother.

A new person just came to Ancesstington from Jamaica and is searching for a place to stay. She also seems to have some experience in cooking and Dorothy wants to invite her to work at the cafe at 492 Korna Klub centre, but Arthur does not think it's a good idea.

Winston is still at Wendy's place but Wendy is upset after the incident with Aleesha and wants him to move out. Will he convince her to stay longer?

74th Episode

Arthur Henry visits Father Clifford and he is seeking advice on how to deal with his son Colin who just came out of the closet. Father Clifford advice him to accept his son but Arthur disapproves of his behaviour.

Monica is looking for Martha at the 492 Korna Klub centre to discuss about her plans to take over the cafe.

Aleesha pays a surprise visit to Wendy's house and finds Winston there. Is Wendy going to take the blame for Winston's separation?

Sanctuary is trying to retrieve his diary but Winston who has the diary warns him to stay away from his family. Eddie and Stephan are trying to think how they will deal with Sanctuary and explain why his diary is in Winston's hands.

Sanctuary is trying to approach his younger brother Stephan but Monica their mother is trying to protect him. What should she do?

73rd Episode

Barrington and Monica have recently started dating but Monica wants to take it slow.

Wendy and Winston are having a conversation after he has announced he does not want to go through with the wedding. Winston wants to stay at Wendy's house for longer than expected. Should Wendy say yes?

Monica invited Barrington to her house for dinner. What happened after that?

Arthur Henry is back and finds his sons, Colin and Winston in his house. Winston informs him that the wedding is canceled. Is he also going to reveal his brother's relationship with another man?

How is Arthur going to react? Is Colin going to finally come out of the closet? Listen to find out what happened!

72nd Episode

Monica wants to take over the World Food Cafe and Barrington is willing to help her. Winston just came back and is talking to young James about the summer programme that he will organise for the young people.

Monica wants to take her son, Stephan and his friend Eddie to a march in Brixton but the two boys prefer to go to the movie theatre.

Wiston goes to his parents' house to grab something to eat but he finds his brother Colin with another man. How is he going to react?

Winston returns to Michelle's house and tries to explain why he went away. He is afraid of commitment and does not want to get married. After leaving Michelle's house, Winston visits Wendy seeking a place to spend the night. Will Wendy let him stay at her house?

71st Episode

George Armitage organised another workshop for carers at 492 Korna Klub. Some of the carers are disappointed and complain about the lack of funding that prevent them from organising more activities such as day trips.

With the World Food Cafe closed for renovations and staff members away on vacation, Ranjit is struggling with the building maintenance programme and Percy Marshall thinks the centre is falling apart.

Shirley and Ranjit have a meeting to discuss about the proposed plan and activities for the community but Shirley is concerned about the sessions organised and delivered by Winston and Dominique due their lack of official qualifications. Is experience more important or should trained professionals take over?

70th Episode

Monica visits 492 Korna Klub for the first time and Ranjit explains what kind of activities take place at the community centre. The coffee shop is closed for renovations but she seems interested in hiring the coffee shop.

Young James visits the centre but no one is there and there are no holiday activities for young children. Monica is planning to organise community events and hire the coffee shop and she is wants to work with James to promote these events.

Winston is still missing and he has not contacted her all this time. Michelle has decided to cancel the wedding. Should she report him missing?

69th Episode

Young James and Shopie are discussing about the problems that they have in their lives. Shopie's dad, Winston is missing and James has to take care of his mother who has a disease.

Tanika is at the supermarket and she randomly meets Michelle. She starts talking about wedding preparations but Michelle avoids her and explain that she has not heard from Winston for 4 weeks. Tanika tries to defend her uncle but Michelle is still worried and thinks he has changed his mind about the wedding. Is she getting cold feet? Should she cancel or postpone the wedding?

Tanika visits Monica looking for Sanctuary, but Monica has not seen him for months. Is Sanctuary trying to avoid her? 

68th Episode

Percy Marshall is concerned about the number of immigrants that come to the UK. He thinks that they should be deported or imprisoned. What do you think?

Monica is worried about her son, Sanctuary and his future. She is prepared to inform the police about Sanctuary's illegal activities and prevent him from causing any more problems. What would you do?

Winston is missing for three weeks now. Michelle has decided to cancel the wedding and break up with him. What would you advice her to do?

67th Episode

George Armitage has organised a meeting for Alzheimer's carers in Ancesstington. Young James and Shirley, the senior social worker are discussing about the boys to men programme that Dom and Winston have organised. Does this programme benefit young boys?

Percy Marshall wants to hold a meeting in Martha's office but she disagrees. Does Percy want to take over the community centre? Michelle seeks wedding advice and she visits Aleesha and Wendy (Winston's ex girlfriends). Winston is missing for two weeks and she hasn't heard from him. What should she do?

66th Episode

Michelle visits Patricia but she is not at home so she has a brief conversation with her son Eddie. Winston is missing and Michelle is writing a letter to him, trying to understand what's going on. Does Winston want to postpone the wedding? Why hasn't he contacted her? 

65th Episode

A woman comes to Ancesstington to visit 492 Korna Klub community centre and she meets George Armitage in the bus. He is willing to give her directions and they have a brief discussion. George Armitage shares personal and professional experiences. Why did he move to Ancesstington? What happened with his wife?

64th Episode

Father Clifford and Percy Marshall have a short discussion after his win. Father Clifford is concerned about social housing but Percy thinks he is only worried about his own kind.

Eleesha and Wendy, mothers of Wiston's children have not received an invitation for Michelle's and Wiston's wedding. Are they jealous of Michelle? Should Wendy be concerned about Fiona spending time with Miss Maya?

Dorothy and Patricia are trying to organise a family meeting to find a solution about the secret book. How can they convince people to come to that meeting?

Patricia tries to understand some of the terms used in the book, but Stephan and Eddie are not telling her the truth.

63rd Episode

Sylvia Dorothy's sister and Patricia took the boys Stephan and Eddie on a field trip to learn more about their heritage.

Did Eddie visit Sanctuary without Stephan knowing about it? Eddie says he did not see Sanctuary but Stephan thinks he is hiding something. What do you think?

Are Sanctuary and Eddie trying to protect him by not telling him?

60th Episode

Michelle visits Patricia to get some advice about her wedding to Patricia's brother Winston.

Percy Marshall returns victorious into the office to celebrate his win in the local council election, where he finds Martha, Ranjit and Sylvia trying to clean up after the previous day's polling activities at the 492 Korna Klub. Will Percy Marshall deliver on his promise?

Patricia finds a 'book' in the laundry basket in Robert's room where Eddie and Stephan had left it for Robert. Patricia has a dilemma as what to do with it. What would you do?

59th Episode

Percy Marshall is giving a speech and trying to gain the support of the people of Ancesstington. Do you agree with his plans? What about his immigration strategy?

Eddie and Stephan are still trying to find a way to get rid of the box. Should they give it to Robert or should they open it? What will they find when they open the box? Listen to find out.

58th Episode

PC Jane Armitage is giving a lecture about citizenship but Stephan and Eddie are trying to avoid it.

Michelle wants to arrange a meeting with Winston to talk about their wedding but he keeps rescheduling.

Eddie and Stephan have a secret box. When Patricia Eddie's mother enters the room and tries to open the box, the two boys are trying to prevent her from finding out what's in the box. What should she do? Should she open the box?

Miss Maya meets Michelle willing to offer her services and help with the wedding preparations but she finds out that the groom is Winston and laughs. Their relationship is not good and they had a disagreement in the past. Michelle seems to be offended by her behaviour. What would you do? Should she let her organise the wedding?

57th Episode

Percy Marshall is trying to convince local voters to support him in the upcoming elections. While he rehearses his speech, George Armitage overhears the speech and express his point of view. Is Percy a racist? Does he really care about the community?

Dom meets Stephan and Eddie at the centre and invites them to take part in the 'Boys to Men' programme. He also tries to find out if the boys know where Sanctuary is? Will they tell the truth?

Percy and George meet Dom at the centre. Who will win his vote? Will Percy manage to convince Dom that he will make a difference and improve the lives of local people?

56th Episode

Ranjit has not finished the accounts yet. Dorothy is worried about the council's upcoming inspections.

George Armitage and Percy Marshal don't see eye to eye when it comes to politics. Percy is suggesting that the NHS should be privatised. What do you think?

Dom is trying to encourage more young people to get involved with the 492 Korna Klub centre and convince Max one of the teenagers that take part in the 'Boys to Men' course to create some designs for the centre.

Dorothy and Arthur still want to go back home but are not sure if it's the right time since they need to take care of their children and grand children. But is there ever a right time?

55th Episode

Winston and Dom are having a meeting to discuss how they can move on with their plans and encourage the community to support them.

Sanctuary is back and his mother is informing him that some guys and the police were looking for him. Is he in trouble?

Monica thinks Sanctuary is a bad influence for his younger brother and she asks him to leave the house. Is his brother Stephan involved?

Sanctuary approaches Robert and try to find out more about the men who are looking for him. Robert is trying to stay out of trouble and protect Eddie. Will Sanctuary get Eddie, Robert's cousin involved?

Arthur Henry still wants to go back to Jamaica but is concerned that his brother has taken over his property according to Sylvia's info. What can he do? Is there a legal solution?

Shirley the senior Youth Worker is concerned about Winston's lack of experience to deal with young people. Does Winston has the right to run the centre, just because his parents founded 492 Korna Klub?

54th Episode

The 54th episode was a special two-hour episode to celebrate our 1 year anniversary! Many different characters were at the studio. The actors performed 3 improvised scenes at the beginning and then the listeners were invited to call and give us feedback and share their views about these scenes. Taking their views into account, the actors continued improvising the second part of these scenes. This has never been done before! If you are curious, listen to find out what happened!

53rd Episode

PC Jane Armitage visits Monica, Nathan's mother and asks about Nathan's whereabouts. He is missing, is he in trouble?

Then Jane attempts to approach young James and asks questions about his classmate Eddie who might be involved in illegal activities. Questioning a minor,is it legal? Many listeners asked that question.

Miss Maya and Winston are having a disagreement about Fiona. Is Miss Maya a good influence on Fiona? Winston seems to believe the opposite.

Finally Winston visits Robert and his newborn grandson. Will they be able to forget their problems and work on their relationship?

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