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Story of Ancesstington

492 Korna Klub Community Centre is situated on the Star Line Estate, Latcham in the town of Ancesstington, in the Origin district of Garveyshire, England. It adjoins the built-up areas of Liberty to west and Justice to the north.

With around 75000 people in 2500 hectares it is a small town in the south of England. Ancessington is thought to derive from 'ancestors resting place' when people from the Caribbean arrived in the UK around 17th Century. The town grew around the wool trade from the 15th century and also had a thriving shipping trade in corn, timber and coal.

Many of the buildings in the centre of the town have Georgian facades which obscure their earlier origins. Notable buildings include the town's community centre and library, which was originally built as, 'a public hall for the purposes of corn exchange' and was later used around 1900 for public entertainment. Mayor Walters recently celebrated with local town folk the new cultural diversity policy.

Nearby villages include Marley, Kuti, Brown and Spear. Black Star Liner railway station provides a direct train link to London.

The Demography of Ancesstington

Largely residential with distinctive neighbourhoods, Ancesstington is one of the most densely populated places in the country, with over 50 persons per hectare, more than twice the London population density with a high turnover - about 10% of the population leave each year and are replaced by around 10% new arrivals. There is also a complex social and ethnic mix, with large African and Portuguese populations, Ancesstington has been an important focus for the Caribbean population since the SS Empire Windrush arrived in 1948.

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Meet the Henrys:

Arthur Theodore (75)

Dorothy Blossom (72)

Their children

Colin Esroy (45)

Patricia Roselyn (38)

Winston Joseph (33)

Patricia's children

Tanika Ania (18)

Edward Franklin (13)

Winston's children

Robert Alexander (20)

Fiona Dorothea (18)

Sophia Blossom (9)

Robert's baby boy

Shaquille Javari

Characters directly linked to the Henrys:

Sylvia Rosamund Williams (65) - Dorothy's sister

Michelle Forrester (32) - Winston's girlfriend/ Sophie's Mum

Althea Rosemary Brown (17) - Robert's girlfriend/ Shaquille's Mum

Nathan "Sanctuary" Victors - Tanika's boyfriend

Franklin Anthony Myers (42) - Patricia's ex-husband/ Tanika's and Eddy's Dad

Eleesha Johnson (35) - Robert's Mum

Wendy McKenzie (34) - Fiona's Mum

Daniel Gainswood (30) - Fiona's Ex-boyfriend

Characters indirectly linked to the Henrys:

Sally Barnet (44) - Eddy's Teacher       

492 Korna Klub Community Centre

Board of trustees:

Alice Elizabeth Grey (67) - Secretary

Ranjit Naakesh Singh (42) - Treasurer

Raymond "Fireman" Sambling (62) - Runs weekly domino club at the centre

Father Clifford Simmonds (55) - Dorothy's Pastor

Staff and Volunteers at the centre:

Carl Proctor (43) - Centre Manager

Shirley Munroe (33) - Senior Youth worker

Martha Williams (38) - Office Manager

Rachel Matthews (62) - Summer Scheme worker

Barrington Spence (43) - Centre Caretaker

Dwayne Matthews (23) - Rachel's Grandson/ Part-time Youth worker

Sam Pike (22) - Volunteer

Monique Chesnut (26) - Activities Coordinator  

Characters indirectly linked to the centre:

Sharon Peters (31) - Part-time Community Relations Officer (Local Council)

Monica Pauline Victors (45) - Nathan's (Sanctuary) mother

Percy Marshall (54) - Community activist

Bridie Robertson (48) - Co owner of community cafe

Felicity Campbell-Bell (42) - Co owner of community cafe

Anastasia Krakow (19) - Resident

Jane Armitage (28) - Police Officer

Young James (8) - Resident  

Henry Family

Arthur Theodore

Arthur Henry is a 75yrs old ex mechanic and post office worker. He’s likes to entertain and is well known in the community for his stance on equal rights. Arthur occasionally attends church with his wife and he’s in very good health. He’s a kind man with a hearty laugh, he often wears a hat (from his collection of many), which covers his thinning grey hair.

Dorothy Blossom

Dorothy Henry is a 72yrs old ex school teacher, a regular church goer, who likes making clothes in her spare time. She belongs to a local charitable group; known to have strayed away from her family in the past. She has had to learn that her controlling nature in part contributes to the weaknesses of those around her. Dorothy wears her natural shoulder length hair in a ponytail on special occasions and in cornrows or single plaits at other times. A former English teacher, she’s very neat and soft spoken; she’s direct with a dry sense of humour.

They have 3 children Colin, Patricia and Winston

Colin Esroy

Colin lawyer (property law), 45 and childless; he lives out of town, plays the saxophone in his spare time, likes to travel and develop social networking sites. His family don’t know that he’s gay. Colin is direct and defensive; he runs a virtual support network for Black gay men and plans to tell his family that he’s gay at the next family gathering.

Patricia Roselyn

Patricia 38, divorced with 2 kids, works as a team leader within social services, she lives locally and enjoys her charity work in the community. Patricia is neat, friendly and chatty; currently a little resistant to the advances of the male species; she believes that her son hates her. She see’s Barrington as a good person to confide in (although she doesn’t know much about him), they often have a chat on her weekly visit to the centre.

Patricia’s Children

Tanika Ania

Tanika 18,1st year at University, works part-time doing hair, her boyfriend is in a local gang and she has a wide social network of friends. She is grandma’s Henry official hair dresser; Tanika is currently reflecting on her relationship with her boyfriend.

A fast talking individual she’s very committed to her family but is also thinking about taking a year out from her studies (degree in Human Resources), to travel to South America. She’s a little self conscious because she wears braces; she tends to change her weave often.

Edward Franklin

Eddy 13, does well at school,lives with his mother but wants to stay with his father. He keeps running away from his mum and he misses his cousin Robert. Eddy stutters when he’s nervous and this always happens when he’s around girls. He’s tall and skinny and enjoys art; he often draws pictures of the family. He’s currently working on picture of his grand-parents to be unveiled at their 50th anniversary party.

Winston Joseph

Winston 33 is currently unemployed and has 3 children from different as many women. He owns a sound system; he sees himself as an activist and fixes computers in his spare time. He loves his children and spends a lot of time at his parents’ house.

Winston shocked his family when he became a father at the age of 13; he never misses an opportunity to give out his contact details to potential customers. He’s very proud of his funky dreads which are neat and well groomed. He dresses like a younger man, and has an accent which reflects his knowledge and experience of the local area. A proud owner of a lock-up garage; he’s in between homes because his current relationship with the mother of his last child is strained but feels he needs to stay put. He communicates with the mothers of his other children only ‘if it’s’ really necessary’.

Winston’s Children

Robert Alexander

Robert 20, is a young father and is currently serving time in prison; he is due to be released soon. He wanted to join the armed forces but left school at 13, he loves his grandfather very much. Robert was given a 12 month prison sentenced for GBH, because he challenged and assaulted the boys who bullied his cousin Eddy. He is a father of a three month old baby boy, born whilst he has been inside. Robert had problems settling into school, was diagnosed with dyslexia but never accessed adequate help. Having served 6 months of his sentence; he’s is due to be released, shortly.

Fiona Dorothea

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Fiona 18, wants to become a family support worker, she experimented with her sexuality and recently called off her engagement, she thinks her uncle Colin might be gay. Fiona regularly shaves the left side of her head and believes that she has a bird’s eye view of the world; she smokes at least three cigarettes a day and has smokes cannabis in the past. She would like to have a closer relationship with her dad and finds Dwayne interesting.

Sophia Blossom

Sophia 9, likes school, into swimming and horse riding, has lots of friends. Has had health problems in the past and needs a new kidney. A chatty and bright individual who knows how to explain her illness to others; she has a blog which she updates for the attention of her school mates to explain what’s happens to her when she‘s not at school.

Characters directly linked to the Henrys

Sylvia Rosamund Williams

Sylvia Rosamund Williams, 65; sister of Dorothy Henry, a spinster who recently retired from her job as a teacher in a small community in Portland Jamaica. Sylvia suffers from diabetes and is feeling a little lost since retiring. A regular church goer, she enjoys spending time with young people. She has had moments where she felt jealous of Dorothy because she left Jamaica at a young age to live in England, got married and raised a family. Her catchphrase, ‘mi nah judge but I’ll mek a comment’, is used when she’s gives advice; requested or imposed. Her visit to England will reveal a number of family secrets.

Michelle Forrester

Michelle Forester 32 Winston's girlfriend, mother of Sophia. Lives in 3 bedroom flat in Stephen Lawrence Drive. Born and bread in local area, went to same school as Winston, works part-time for a local councillor as a P.A and is involved in local politics. Had hopes of marrying Winston whom she‘s known since school and has been going out with him for 10 years. Is giving up on their relationship and sees herself as a single parent. Has a daughter, Sophia, aged 9 who has Sickle Cell. Her family are originally from Barbados; her grandparents are still alive and live by the sea in the nearby town of Kuti whilst her parents live in the suburbs of Ancesstington. Has two brothers and two sisters who all live locally. Is spiritual but not into organised religion although she goes to church from time to time for the sake of her daughter and her in laws.

Althea Rosemary Brown

Althea Rosemary Brown, 17;mother of Roberts baby; she’s is shy and a little reluctant to get involved in the activities organise by the Henry’s. She is living with Arthur and Dorothy after she was kicked out by her parents when she got pregnant. She’s currently waiting to be re-housed by the council; she’s looking forward to Robert coming home, going to college and eventually moving.

Nathan "Sanctuary" Victors

Nathan "Sanctuary" Victors 22; (Tanika’s boyfriend),he has spent a maximum of six months in prison; lives at home with his parents just outside the local area. Got his street name (Sanctuary), because he’s good at hiding things for the members of the gang he’s involved with; When he reflects on his day to day activities; he feels trapped in the cycle of petty crime and hustling; he’s aware that Tanika is not as attentive as she used to be.

Franklin Anthony Myers

Franklin Anthony Myers 42, (Patricia’s ex husband), recently remarried, he is keen to have Eddy visit him more often but is cautious of Patricia response.

Eleesha Johnson

Eleesha Johnson 35, Robert’s Mum; she avoids the Henry’s because she thinks that they look down on her because she had Robert in her teens. A mother of six (including Robert), she’s unemployed, don’t get on with Winston and is not happy that Robert has become a father.

Wendy McKenzie

Wendy McKenzie (34), Fiona’ Mum; visits the Henry’s on very special occasions. Fiona is her only child and does not communicate with Winston very well.

Daniel Gainswood

Daniel Gainswood (30), Fiona’ Ex-boyfriend; dated Fiona for 18 months; he ended their relationship because he felt she was too young and did not want to continue meeting in secret. Daniel drives bus 512 which goes pass the 492 Korna Klub. He has ’moved on’ but occasionally phones Fiona to make sure she is ok. Fiona enjoys talking to him, ’as a friend’, and is happy that he will put money into her account when she ask. A British born Trinidadian, Daniel is aware of the 492 Korna Klub but is not a visitor. He is aware of the Henry family, because his Aunty is Raymond’s former wife.

Characters indirectly linked to the Henrys

Sally Barnet

Sally Barnet (44), (Eddy’s Teacher), single, no children. She enjoys going to Salsa classes and travelling. A Geography teacher for 15 years; she finds most of her pupils enjoyable to teach and others (including Eddy), proves to be a little challenging at times.

492 Korna Klub Centre

Board of Trustees

Alice Grey

Alice Grey 67,widow, she lives locally in one of the more affluent streets. She has 3 grown up children and is a member of the local church. She attends the board of trustees out of civic duty, an upright but very witty senior member of the board. A petite white lady who likes to dye her hair jet black; she’s very neat in appearance with a soft spoken voice but tends to cackle when she laughs. A former secretary and school governor; she attends the same church as Dorothy and admires the close relationship the Henry’s have with their children and grand-children.

Ranjit Singh

Ranjit Singh 42, Single, ex accountant who lives locally. He has been the treasurer for many years, out of commitment to the local community. Lately he has become concerned that Korna Klub is not dealing with the original issues it was founded upon i.e. the experiences of local Black African communities in Ancesstington. He has decided to take action in various ways. He’s specific and precise in his approach to problem solving and customer relations. He helps Martha with her work when not doing community activist work. He is aware of the issue Martha faces and has grown very fond of her. He’s also Alice’s designated driver after late meetings at the centre.

Raymond "Fireman" Sambling

Raymond "Fireman" Sambling 62 a regular at the centre; runs the weekly domino club. A natural charmer, he’s currently living in a rented room since his wife kicked him out after she found out about his extra-marital affairs.

Father Clifford Simmonds 

Father Clifford Simmonds 55 rector at local Catholic Church where Dorothy is a member of the congregation; he’s has been a good voice of reason for Dorothy since joining the church eight years ago.

Staff and volunteers at the Community Centre

Carl Proctor

Carl Proctor Centre Manager 43, longest employed member at the centre; a distant cousin of the Henrys. He’s constantly rushing around trying to get meetings with charities and local authority to raise more money. Carl is not working in his chosen profession; his hope of becoming a professional footballer was short lived when he was badly injured in a motorcycle accident which killed his best friend and left him with severe injuries to his legs. He’s married with two children. He coaches the under 12s football team at the centre during the weekends and is accountable to report to the trustees each month. He has recently been diagnosed with high blood pressure and has been advised by his doctor to lose weight.

Shirley Munroe

Shirley Munroe; Senior Youth Worker 33,bright Intelligent and very quick. Solves problems easily and has a passion for children and young people, knows a lot about community issues. Known as “lickle miss".Born and breed in East London, she has a good rapport with the staff at the centre, the trustees and specifically the centre users. Looking much younger than her age, she has long dreadlocks, very slim, straight talking and jovial. She has been in a relationship for two years and has no children.

Martha Williams

Martha Williams; Office Manger 38, great and efficient organiser, files and answers the phone at the same time, never loses her cool and always uses her telephone voice. Probably keeps the organisation running, fills in grant applications (which is not her job) so they don’t miss the deadline. Goes through periods of being VERY quiet and withdrawn (apart from the telephone voice) occasionally has unexplained bruises. Rachel believes she is experiencing domestic violence, but has never raised it. White –English; mother of an 18 year-old who lives away from home. Has been married for 20 years and has been working at the centre since 2009. She is nearly two years into her three year contract and she’s under pressure to help the centre manager find funding to keep her job at the centre when her contract ends.

Rachel Matthews

Rachel Matthews; Summer scheme/play worker 62, works at the centre during the holidays; looks after the children and takes them on outings. She was one of the first volunteers at the centre and is now paid “cash in hand” at a low hourly rate. She is very committed to the centre and the children. Lives on the local housing estate – raised her family there. One of her children was murdered in a drug deal gone wrong, and her husband died many years ago. Rachel has a Caribbean accent with a London twang; she attends the same church as Dorothy; she had two children. Daughter (Lorna) left the area after the death of her brother. Rachel enjoys spending time at the centre or at church to relieve the loneliness she feels at home. Her Grandson Dwayne visits her as often as he can.

Barrington Spence

Barrington Spence; Caretaker cleaner 45 born and raised in the local area and has done lots of jobs before settling into this one. He’s constantly rushing around fixing/cleaning things. He wants to get the centre properly ‘fixed up’. He’s always interrupting meetings with news of the latest disaster (Leak in the bathroom, etc.) Barrington often wonders if he could have achieved more in life; he chose to stay in the local area to be near his two children (girls ages 19 & 22), after his divorce 10yrs ago. He lost a lot after the divorce; his home, his mechanics business, his self-esteem and a fulfilling relationship with his children. His children has now grown and left the area and he has been considering whether to take up the offer from his parents to take over the family business in Jamaica. His parents immigrated 7 years ago and each time he visits, they try to persuade him to stay. He is very fond of Patricia and has gotten to know her quite well. He has a good knowledge of the local area and the different groups who uses the centre.

Dwayne Matthews

Dwayne Matthews 23,Rachel’s Grandson; a part time youth worker, he comes into the project for the evening youth work sessions. He likes sport, the young people; he’s good at banter, handsome. He's having trouble getting a permanent job. Dorothy taught his mother (Lorna Matthews) at school, he spends most days job hunting and developing his technique to become a motivational speaker; he has watched the campaign speeches by Barrack Obama a million times over; he’s is also keen on listening to Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela. He reads books and listens to tape on motivation and self development. He encourages the young people at the centre to have debates about social issues.

Sam Pike

Sam Pike, 22;wants to help. He’s well educated and is studying for his degree in youth and community work. He does evening sessions at the youth project. He also wants to practice some of the things he’s been learning at university. He has an idea for a new project and wants to involve Dwayne to pitch it to the trustees.

A lanky English lad, with shoulder length brown hair; he fancies Tanika who sees him as a good friend.

Monique Chesnut

Monique Chesnut, 26, works in the office with Martha and Carl. Monique has just moved from Cardiff to Ancesstington and lives extremely close to the community centre. She is extremely passionate about making a difference in the local people’s lives and does not care who she crosses to do so. She is all about unity, peace, love and harmony.

Characters indirectly linked to the centre

Sharon Peters

Sharon Peters, 31; Responsible for community assets in the local area. Enjoys going to the gym and singing in the choir at the church. Lives locally with flat mate Felicity. She is passionate about making Ancesstington a ‘happier place’, and spends a lot of time working in the community trying to get to know everyone. She is new new to Ancesstington and is looking for a fresh start.

Monica Pauline Victors

Monica Pauline Victors, 45; Single mother of 2. Her eldest child is Nathan ‘Sanctuary’ and her youngest child is Stefan 'Zizzles'. Since moving from West London aged 20 and setting up home in Anncestington, Monica wanted to study to become a nurse but has ended up working part time as a sessional care worker within children services for the local authority but is currently experiencing difficulties within her role. She feels that her decisions at work are continuously challenged. She feels she has sacrificed a lot to bring up her children but she believes she has failed them; especially Nathan. Her parents sold their family home and retired to America when she was 20 and now lives locally in a small 2 bedroom council flat. Believing that rules are meant to be broken she always speaks her mind whilst experiencing new things.

Percy Marshall

Percy Marshall, 54; Percy is a long time resident of Ancesstington, and has been dismayed at the changes taking place there in recent years. At 54 years old, Percy is a slightly more senior member of the Community. He is a member of the far-right political party, and is running to be a local councillor.

Percy is a very conservative person and has strong political views, particularly about immigration. In Ancesstington, he is trying to reduce the number of foreign nationals entering the community.

He is a widower, and has four grown up children. The youngest of these, Rupert, still live with him. Percy's wife was of Italian origin. But since she passed away, Percy has become more and more conservative. He now believes that Britain should be occupied by British people, and no one else.

Percy is keen to find a space where he can set up his campaign meetings. Percy works as a civil servant. In his spare time, Percy plays the piano and listens to the radio.

Bridie Robertson

Bridie Robertson, 48, is a true Scottish Grandma, born in Fife. She has a daughter Jean, now living in the US and a son James, in Yorkshire. A widow for 15 years, her world has been changed when she had to go travel to Russia to collect her grandaughter Anastasia who was abandoned by her daughter after an ill fated marriage. Bridie devoted the last ten years of her life to raising Anastasia in the town of Marley near Ancessington. Despite her best efforts, Anastasia’s future seems unclear. Bridie still misses her late husband Ronald very much - it was Ronald who brought her to Ancessington to begin their married life together. She has been single ever since. An accomplished cook and business woman Bridie has many talents and makes a good home for her grandaughter but she has an abiding guilt about her own daughter who has been plagued by mild autism. If she could go back in time Bridie would be far kinder to Jean and blames herself for their disastrous relationship.

Felicity Campbell-Bell

Felicity Campbell-Bell, 42, divorced, 3 children, likes money, shares a flat with Sharon Peters on Blair Peech Close. She has received a grant from the local council to put towards the development of running the café at Korna Klub with business partner Bridie. Felicity plans to turn the café into an upmarket restaurant where she only wants the upper middle class clientele to frequent. Felicity has a penchant for designer goods and the high life and keeping control of her surroundings.

Anastasia Krakow

Anastasia Krakow 19. Grew up in Russia. Her mother deserted her as a child. Spends most of her time in bed until the afternoon. Has no real aspirations or desires in life and could be described as a wobbler- drifter. Keen to exercise and cycle through nature, she is constantly obsessed with Dolly Parton because she reminds her of her mother. She is a daydreamer who listens to motivational speakers at night. Has a estranged friendship with a local man called Patrick and they do things together. Recently Anastasia has had to buckle down into the real world and find herself.

Jane Armitage

Jane Armitage, 28, is a local Police Officer. She has recently been reassigned back into the area of Ancesstington because of her local knowledge and connections. Her previous project was in the town of Kuti and assigned to Operation Trident but now works with the Safer Neighbourhoods Teams unit.

Jane works hard, is into sports and leisure and looks forward in rising up the ranks to detective. Her aim is to ensure the streets of Ancesstington remain safe and free of crime and disorder. She’s a daddy’s girl, and is determined to follow her Fathers views and opinions in how policing should be done.

Young James

James, 8, goes to the local Primary school in Ancesstington which he enjoys very much.He likes Karate and sports. When he grows up he wants to be just like Omowale Malcolm X. He has a older sister called Maya, but people call her Miss Maya. He lives on Stephen Lawrence Drive with his mother who is always sick.

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