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Human Library Performances 

🛑We have been touring our Human Library performances with an amazing group of elders throughout the challenging pandemic year of COVID19, 2021.The performances have all been face-to-face during the summer launching on Windrush Day in June 2021, and ending in October Black History Month. The events explored Brixton’s and beyond diverse cultures and communities through the theme of ‘Windrush Generation.’

🛑The Human Library performance events featured 12 speakers who were ‘checked out’ for a unique one-on-one, performance conversation about their own personal narratives, which examined topics including race, class, economic, social, political and cultural discrimination, social cleansing, the legacy of colonialism, regret, love and migration.

🛑Here, storytelling was used as a strategy that bridges the gap between subjective dispositions and social structures, and the main objective of the Human Library performance events was to encourage individuals to reflect upon the stories that have shaped their identities.

🛑The project gave the participants a platform to express their own stories of survival, growth and resiliency. In telling their stories, they were able to play a part in determining the narrative and ethical shape of our world.

🛑The Elders involved in the Human Library are creative, enthusiastic, and original thinkers. They used a collection of mediums to tell their stories.

Tickets to these performances are here:

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