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Snap shots from our Windrush Day Taster Workshops 22.06.2022

Windrush Playback Stories is a 16 week intergenerational storytelling collaboration project for people of the Windrush generation. are creating a stunning new performance project and looking for performers of all ages for their forthcoming Brixton based Windrush Playback Performance Project.

We are looking to recruit people of African decent and other ethnicities that connect, relate and identify with Windrush Migration and the experience our pioneers went through.

Windrush Playback Performance Project (WPPP) is a 6 week performance project where you will learn techniques from Playback Theatre to perform interactive Windrush sketches and scenes in front of community audiences in local spaces.

WPPP aims to generate, celebrate, commemorate and educate people about the Windrush pioneers and their lived experiences and contributions to British society.

5 WPPP events will be performed between August - November 2022 which will deepen awareness of the Windrush experience in the cultural fabric of London so that everyone is aware of the experiences of the Windrush generation.

WPPP will offer intergenerational exchanges and opportunities to make friends, learn performance skills and promote new community collaborations with the participants’ and the wider community.

During the WPPP performance events, audience members will be able to celebrate, commemorate and educate each other about their stories of Windrush and migration.

At the WPPP performance events, the playback performers will use personal stories as source material. Life stories are volunteered by audience members and then enacted on the spot by the playback storytellers accompanied by musicians.

The performances will also provide a space to air difficult questions and issues so they can be managed, expected, appreciated and answered. These performances build positive relationships for conversations that disrupt the normal windrush narrative. It also allows for intersectional encounters where people that are different meet and share common ideals and values.

The stories enacted by the playback performers are real life moments: future hopes; dreams and memories of the audience. Each WPPP performance event will be creative, memorable and fun with lots of improvisation where we playfully challenge the way in which Windrush can be celebrated, commemorated, taught and understood to ensure future generations understand its historical and contemporary significance.

Sign up here to be part of the ensemble team of performers:

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