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Virtual Gallery

The Windrush Generation are a group of pioneers who were invited from the Caribbean to the UK. In July 2020 for 13 weeks we explored their stories. What we found were a collection of objects that acted as symbols behind the stories. These symbols were meaningful to our participants. 

The meaning represented what they left behind, what they discovered and how they changed the fabric of their new home. We want you to experience this via our virtual exhibition and have suggested a few things you can do whilst you watch.

Taste: Enjoy a typical Caribbean dish today, ideally as you walk through our exhibition.


1- Enter the 'Virtual Gallery' by clicking below and you will gain access to their stories and 3D objects.

2- Click on the 'Pointer' once you have entered the space.

3- Navigate by using your mouse or drag your finger [if on a touch screen device].

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