492 Korna Klub


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The 1st interactive community radio drama series!

The series focuses on the Henrys, an Afro Caribbean couple that decide to return back home to Jamaica after 50 years of life in the UK.

Arthur and Dorothy Henry are from the Windrush Generation and live with their children and grandchildren in Ancesstington, a town outside of London with approximately 75000 residents and in their spare time they run a local community center named 492 Korna Klub. Their forthcoming golden wedding anniversary plans to relocate their lives to Jamaica, handover their possessions to their children and pass on the management of the local community center is leading to problems. The staff and volunteers at the center are up in a peril organising activities and events for their survival.

The series explores social problems that trouble every community, every family and every individual and aims to motivate listeners to put themselves into the characters’ shoes and suggest solutions to the ongoing drama. With the encouragement of active participation of the listener we aim to reinforce social cohesion and support community development in the difficult times we live in. The original idea came via Noh budget project, Richmond Trew designed/ formatted and produced the Radio program which began running every Friday 5.00pm - 6.00 pm on Galaxy FM 102,5 and is now produced by Journeyman Arts.