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Have you seen the new interactive map of Ancesstington? Take a tour and learn all about the town where the 492 Korna Klub community centre is located!

Who are we?

We are an experienced collective of intergenerational performers, facilitators, producers and community influencers brought together by shared values using the arts to create dialogue about social, economic and political concerns. We partner with grassroots groups, charitable community organisations and the wider voluntary community sector to provide creative programmes, projects and events that support people of colour to live with the uncertainty and complexity that surrounds them. Out of these partnerships and collaborations we co-design a range of community led workshops, performances, projects and programmes that are are about empowerment and social change. The 492 Korna Klub Radio Drama project was our flagship programme. Since 2016 we are delighted to have been supported by a range of funders and commissioners including BTEG, UBELE, NSUN, VOICE 4 CHANGE-ENGLAND, MAYOR OF LONDON, LAMBETH COUNCIL and DEPARTMENT FOR LEVELLING UP, HOUSING & COMMUNITIES to name a few.

We use participatory tools and creative interventions to make the structures that uphold inequality and injustice visible and collectively raise questions about how they can be dismantled. Our critical first step is often playfully exposing them and how they work. As James Baldwin famously said, “not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced”

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